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About Us

Piddington is a midsize, hi-tech complex parts sub-contractor.  Continual investing in the future means keeping pace with the most advanced equipment and manufacturing facilities.

Piddington pays special attention to ensure all staff members are highly trained. Their skills are perfected in a one on one mentoring program.


The staff are thoroughly trained in the areas of machine tool orientation, CNC machine operation, multi-machine production, quality inspection and machine shop safety.

Staff are encouraged to take ownership of their production work by giving feedback regarding the efficiency of all CNC programming, shop safety issues, and overall shop operation.









Our Goals…..Our Success
We realize that our success and reputation is based on the delivery of high quality parts at a very competitive price.

In order to guarantee continual growth, our company policy is to strategically reinvest a significant portion of profits. Since 1995 Piddington has trebled its floor space and increased its production capacity.  In the future both production capacity and shop size will grow further with additional volume.



We continuously strive to be at the forefront of our field. Accordingly, Piddington systematically reviews its production methods and makes changes to improve product quality and lower costs.